Note: All reviews and comments listed in this section are from users who bought their etracer kit at the full price. No advertisement exchange or paid review here.

Boulus has posted a nice article on the building process of his etracer at an audio forum: superbestaudiofriends. His post contains a lot of nice photos and the thread contains a lot of comments from other forum users:

Mark Walker made a great video clip on building and operating a Sbox12 relay box published on his YouTube channel:

Mark Walker currently has 13k+ follower on his Youtube Channel "Blueglow". Mark purchased an etracer kit in September 2018 and he made two video clips covering his building process of etracer. Make sure you check out Mark's Youtube Channel for other vacuum tube audio related video clips.

Mr. Masahiro Yonezu is the owner of the blog "Dr. AMP Lab." in Japan. Mr. Yonezu posted a series of articles on etracer. He also posted a lot of test results of various tubes with etracer. Get your Google translate ready because the following links are in Japanese:





SangBeom is the first etracer user in Korea. He is also an owner of utracer. His comments on utracer were the reasons I initiated the design of etracer. SangBeom's website is in Korean. Google Translate works quite well though.