Through one year of extensive research and development we are pleased to announce our latest product- etracer. etracer is a digital vacuum tube curve tracer for testing various types of vacuum tubes. Unlike traditional approaches etracer incorporates the most advanced technologies available today such as SMP (Switching Mode Power-supply) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing). The resulting product is a small box with a stunning specification. For more information please visit the dedicated web page:

As a company based in Taiwan we have the luxury accessing advanced material tailored for the semiconductor industry. We have recently secured a good source of 5N (99.999%) silver from an ISO-9000 company in Taiwan. This company deliver high-purity material to foundries for various purpose such as for bonding-wires or for sputtering targets. The quality is top-notch as there is very little room for mistake in the high tech industry. The pricing is very competitive and each order comes with a certification of purity. We are proud to announce that essues tech delivers 5N OCC silver wires as our regular products. Purity does make a difference in audio applications.


5N silver pallets

Certification of purity from the 5N silver supplier

OCC stands for Ohno Continuous Casting. This technique was developed and patented by Dr. Atsumi Ohno in the 80s. The product of this process shares an unique property of single-crystal. As of today, these patents are expired. However, this doesn't mean that every wire manufacturer can make OCC wires. The OCC process requires professional equipment and accurate controls for pressures, temperature in various stages. Any process variation will spoil the desired single-crystal structure.

Left: OCC process, Right: traditional casting process

In the market it is not uncommon to find silver wires that are claimed a purity of 5N(99.999%), 6N(99.9999%) or even 7N(99.99999%) . However, rarely could we find proof of purity issued by a recognized organization to back up these products. How can you be sure that the silver wire you bought meets the claimed purity? Well, you probably can't.

Silver has being part of human history for thousands of years. It is most used as monetary and the purity requirement for this purpose is not high. In the market 3N silver (99.9%) is considered "pure silver" and the price is public. Many companies make silver bullion and coins from the 3N silver. 4N silver is also common and the price is a notch higher compared to 3N silver. Except in the monetary markets 4N silver also finds application in the industry. As the purity goes higher, the price goes up abruptly. The price for 5N silver is significant higher than 4N counterparts and it requires very expensive analyzer to check the purity. For 5N silver the impurity allowed is below 10ppm (parts-per-million). There is a Japanese company that supplies 6N silver at a premium price. 7N silver is not available in the market. At least not we are aware of.

Our basic silver wires are based on quality 4N casting grain that usually has a purity of 4N+(99.994% and above). With a small boost of purity in the OCC process the final product is very close to 5N in purity. 5N sliver is also available by request. Our silver sources are all ISO-9000 certified companies. The quality is very reliable and come with complete certification of purity.