We are a group of experts that have studied telephone wires and loops for more than 20 years. Starting from the 90s our experts evolves in the design of voice-band modems, ADSL2, VDSL2 and G.fast modems. These modems relies on the plain old phone lines as the transmission medium and hence a full understanding of the wires is essential. The bandwidth used by a voice-band modem is 4kHz. For ADSL2 it is 2MHz. For a VDSL2 system it goes up to 17MHz and 35MHz and for the latest G.fast standard it's 106MHz and 212MHz. As frequency goes up, more analyzing tools and equipment are required. In the industry we use network analyzers to measure the S-parameters (scattering parameters) of a full cable bundle and run simulations based on the measurements rather than on a cable model because modeling wire-pair is getting difficult.

Luckily for the audio frequency (20Hz to 20KHz) there is no transmission-line theory involved. We figured out it is all about the transmission medium. As many audiophiles already found, sliver sounds better than copper. The purer the material, the better the sound. Our goal is delivering the best quality cable available today without a scary price tag. Try our product today. And we are sure you will find more detail in your beloved records.